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World-class security for your mobile applications

We help you to secure your applications and your organization against hacking and its consequences. Our software integrates transparently in your development process and adds multiple layers of protection to your Android and iOS applications. It effectively hardens them against both on-device and off-device attacks.

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Introducing ThreatCast: mobile app threat monitoring


Get real-time threat intelligence with our new mobile app security console

  • Detect threats in real time: Use easy-to-navigate dashboards and custom alerts to detect threat events as they happen.
  • Get actionable insights: Analyze threat data to respond immediately to attacks or block suspicious users.
  • Integrate security into the development lifecycle: Prioritize mobile security within the development process, without sacrificing speed-to-market.

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Connect with a network of mobile app experts

Join the Guardsquare community for free to:

  • Share knowledge with a network of other ProGuard users, app developers, and the Guardsquare engineers behind ProGuard
  • Get support from ProGuard experts
  • Simplify implementations without library of user-generated rules for ProGuard
  • Leverage ProGuard Playground to learn how ProGuard works and test configurations without rebuilding

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Guardsquare Community

Recent awards

  I built Locale from day one with privacy and security in mind, so I’ve always been very careful about what kinds of tools I use. DexGuard and ThreatCast have made Locale X more secure, faster, and better for users.  

- Carter Jernigan, founder of two forty four a.m. LLC and developer of Locale

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