World-class protection for your mobile applications

Mobile applications are increasingly targeted by hackers. Gartner estimates that as much as “75% of mobile breaches will be traced back to mobile apps by 2017.” Any such breach can have far-reaching consequences for the involved organizations.

We help you secure your applications and your organization against hacking and its consequences. Our software integrates transparently in the build process and adds multiple layers of protection to your Android and iOS applications. It effectively hardens them against both on-device and off-device attacks.

Our products

The DexGuard logo showing on a background picture with a woman holding an Android mobile phone in her hands.

DexGuard (Android)

DexGuard is a state-of the-art security solution for the protection of your Android applications. Learn more.

The iXGuard logo showing on a background picture with a white iPhone leaning on a tree trunk.

iXGuard (iOS)

iXGuard is a cutting-edge security product specifically designed to harden your iOS applications. Learn more.

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ProGuard is the most popular optimizer for Java and Android.
Learn more.