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Guardsquare joins EIT's Business Development Accelerator

Guardsquare joins EIT's Business Development Accelerator

Leuven (Belgium), Oct. 16, 2015 - EIT Digital welcomes Guardsquare, a rising star in the cyber security sector, to its Business Development Accelerator. Guardsquare is based in Belgium and aims at scaling up its business through the EIT Digital pan-European network.

Guardsquare is the world’s leading provider of mobile security software for Android. Its open source solution, ProGuard, is integrated in software development kits by Oracle, Intel and Google. It has a user community of over one million developers and has been downloaded tens of millions of times since its release in 2002. Building on the success of ProGuard, Guardsquare now offers DexGuard and DexGuard Enterprise, premium products for the protection of mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking attacks. In the near future, Guardsquare will add a software solution for the protection of iOS applications to its existing line of products.

Guardsquare’s customer base includes several industry leaders and prominent companies. Its products have been adopted by financial instutions around the globe to protect their valuable mobile applications. They are also used in economic sectors as diverse as telecom, gaming, social media, e-commerce, healthcare, the military and the public sector.

“This is the type of scale-up we are looking for in our network: the right level of ambition and potential,” said Dolf Wittkamper, EIT Digital Business Development Accelerator Manager. 

Through its Business Development Accelerator, EIT Digital will help Guardsquare, among other things, to identify and pursue new business opportunities, to develop and implement a viable growth strategy, to attract investors and to find skilled and trustworthy collaborators. In addition, EIT Digital will give Guardsquare the opportunity to take part in various business development activities for the European market.

“Absolutely great company with a lot of potential: we are thrilled to help them,” - Daniel Michel, Head of Access to Finance of EIT Digital.

“We are proud to be part of the EIT Digital Network,” said Heidi Rakels, CEO of Guardsquare, “and we are looking forward to a good cooperation.” In collaboration with EIT Digital, Guardsquare will also contribute to European projects regarding application security. Guardsquare is a member of the Privacy, Security and Trust Business Community.