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Better Together: Guardsquare Partners with Zimperium to Provide Customers with Comprehensive Mobile App Protection

Better Together: Guardsquare Partners with Zimperium to Provide Customers with Comprehensive Mobile App Protection

Wood is a strong material, but imagine trying to construct a sturdy building without any metal… From steel beams to nails, it’s nearly impossible to go without this key ingredient. Any good architect or builder understands it’s key to use both materials, respecting the integrity and unique properties of each, to build a truly robust structure.

Similarly, mobile app developers need to protect their apps and their customers’ data using both proactive and reactive measures.

Specifically, developers must work to reduce the chances of reverse engineering, while also actively monitoring for real-time threats. Protection and detection, layered on top of the underlying operating system security are paramount, especially since both iOS and Android platforms continue to evolve at a rapid clip.

To help our customers ensure they have a full range of mobile app security solutions at their fingertips, Guardsquare and Zimperium are partnering to offer the most complete mobile application hardening and threat defense on the market. The partnership will bring even stronger levels of mobile app protection to both current users and new customers. Customers can also take advantage of Zimperium’s centrally managed solution to access the features of both platforms.

Enhancing the Value for Guardsquare Customers

As part of the partnership, Guardsquare customers can take advantage of Zimperium’s zIAP mobile threat defense SDK to detect real-time network, malware, phishing, and device attacks. Adding zIAP complements Guardsquare’s app tampering and obfuscation technology and will be centrally managed in Zimperium’s cloud-based administration console.

In addition to providing centralized administration, Zimperium will use Guardsquare technology in its own mobile apps and distribute Guardsquare to current and prospective customers.

As a global leader in mean time to detection (MTTD), Zimperium is a powerful partner for Guardsquare when it comes to solving real customer problems. Shridhar Mittal, Zimperium’s Chief Executive Officer shared, “We believe our combined technologies provide the best possible mobile application security solution for our customers, and look forward to working together to build a more secure mobile ecosystem.

Any time two companies with deep expertise and complementary offers join forces to provide a more robust solution, businesses all around the world can benefit. We look forward to working closely with Zimperium to secure applications and organizations against hacking and its consequences.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of Guardsquare and Zimperium’s joint offerings, email us at