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Heidi Rakels featured in The Hundert

Heidi Rakels featured in The Hundert

The latest issue of The Hundert, a magazine that usually focusses on the Berlin startup scene, shines a light on female startup founders. It contains nicely illustrated interviews with one hundred successful and inspirational female entrepreneurs. We are more than proud that GuardSquare's own CEO and co-founder, Heidi Rakels, figures among them.

The Hundert's eighth issue collects the stories of women with very diverse biographies and backgrounds. Each of the interviewees share insights about the difficulties they have faced starting up their own businesses and about what motivates them to keep on working. The result is a compelling testimony to the power and diversity of female entrepreneurship and a source of inspiration for any woman that wants to gain startup experience.

The initiative to put the spotlight on Europe's female founders and leaders did not go unnoticed: Forbes praises The Hundert for attracting attention to an underrepresented part of the startup scene and underlines the importance of diversity.

Be sure to pick up a copy and find out what Heidi and the other female startup founders say!