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At Guardsquare, we are committed to assist you with implementing our software in the most effective way.

Basic support

Basic Support

Every license gives access to Basic Support, which includes assistance with the installation and the resolution of bugs.

  • Bug fixes
  • Setup assistance
  • Response within 3 business days
  • Support by email
Gold support

Gold Support

As an option, we offer Gold Support. With Gold Support, we provide you with full project assistance in configuring and troubleshooting your settings.

  • Bug fixes
  • Setup assistance
  • Project-specific support
  • Configuration optimization
  • Priority handling (response within 1 business day)
  • Support by email and by phone

NEW - ProGuard support

Work more efficiently thanks to our support packages

  • Support for bugs and compatibility issues
  • Extended support for fine-tuning your project configuration
  • Access to tuned configurations for popular Android libraries

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