Guardsquare Secures EMVCo Certification for Software Protection Tools


    Most mobile financial apps fall short of security best practices.

    Our data shows  that less than 50% of the more than 3,000 financial apps on the Android marketplace are using proper mobile application security.

    The result? Financial services institutions leave themselves open to reverse engineering, IP theft, fraudulent app clones, and sensitive data loss, among other negative outcomes.

    Guardsquare’s security solutions help mitigate these issues, further proven by our EMVCo Certification as a Software Protection Tool (SPT) in five categories:

    • Obfuscation
    • Root detection
    • Anti-instrumentation
    • Tamper detection
    • Anti-emulation

    Industry-leading mobile application security provider

    Through the certification process, Guardsquare demonstrated its position as an industry-leading mobile application security provider. With Guardsquare, banks and financial institutions can ensure their mobile apps are protected against a variety of cyber threats, like reverse engineering and tampering, that can cause brand damage and financial loss. This, in turn, can give the financial services organization’s customers confidence that their financial data, including mobile payment information, is in good hands.

    Contactless payment applications play a central role in payments, making mobile app security and compliance a requirement for every stakeholder involved.

    The Benefits of EMVCo Certification

    EMVCo is a global technical body that manages and evolves EMV Specifications and supporting testing programs.


    Standardized Payments

    Collectively owned by American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa, EMVCo ensures card-based payment products work together seamlessly and securely worldwide through a standardized payment structure. This includes creating global interoperability to combat card fraud while enabling innovation in the payments industry.


    Real-World Tested

    Organizations that select an EMVCo Certified software protection tool benefit from the peace-of-mind that their mobile payment apps can stand up against real-world attacks. In fact, as part of the EMVCO certification process, all security tools are tested against state-of-the-art attack methods, including both static and dynamic analysis.

    Mobile Payment Software

    Mobile Payment Software

    Additionally, when implementing an EMVCo certified software protection tool, it increases the chance that an organization or developer can reduce the timeline to become a certified Software-Based Mobile Payment program (SBMP). Doing so illustrates to the industry, and your customers, that your organization’s software-based mobile payment components or solutions ensure sufficient security to safeguard against both known and novel attacks.

    Discover how Guardsquare provides protection for your mobile applications.