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Summer 2016: a new GuardSquare office in San Francisco

Summer 2016: a new GuardSquare office in San Francisco

As a laureate of the prestigious Prince Albert Fund, Jan-Carl Dewulf manages the roll-out of GuardSquare in the USA. He is currently building GuardSquare’s presence – steadily getting our name out there by pitching, networking, representing the company at trade shows and by acting as a local point-of-contact for clients, partners and potential investors.

Based on the promising results of these initial steps on US soil, GuardSquare has decided to open its first US office this summer in San Francisco. As a booming IT company we especially seek to grow our presence in Silicon Valley, the world’s technology hub, which hosts many of our customers in e-commerce, fintech and new media. We will set up shop at the Atelier offices by Belcham (which is opening soon near the Embarcadero). Later this year GuardSquare will further expand its presence in the USA by opening a second office on the East Coast that will mainly accommodate our clients in the financial industry.

With boots on the grounds, GuardSquare is now seeing ever more clearly the tremendous opportunities in the American market. Only recently we have concluded deals with a top-10 US bank, two global leading payment technology providers and a top-3 US car insurer. We especially see a lot of growth potential in the Enterprise sector, where we are looking to convert the huge number of free ProGuard users to our premium DexGuard software.

GuardSquare will be present at the RSA Conference in San Francisco from the 29th of February to the 4th of March 2016 and at Droidcon in San Francisco from the 17th to the 18th of March 2016. We hope to meet you there!