Learn how the Java bytecode shrinker ProGuard® began enhancing and optimizing apps all over the world by scrolling our timeline or watching our video below.

The ProGuard® Story:
20 years of innovation in Java optimization

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Here we'll take you through ProGuard®'s journey over the past two decades and how it's grown from a small hobby project to a leading open-source Java optimization tool.


May 1, 2002 First code commit in ProGuard® Repository

Computer screen

Right from the start ProGuard® was readily available for Android covered desktop, server and early mobile devices using J2ME.

Old Proguard® Logo
Old Java logo

By the end of 2004, Java was running on 1.5 billion devices.

June 2002 Version 1.0 released to public

Old Proguard® logo

Bytecode optimization was added in 2004 to shrink applications even more.

December 2010 ProGuard® integrated in Android SDK

Android in computerscreen

The release of Android 2.3 (gingerbread) marked the first release that made ProGuard® readily available for Android developers worldwide.

Android ProGuard® Java

2012 DexGuard created

Layered on top of ProGuard®, DexGuard becomes the preferred choice by Android developers to protect their app from static and dynamic analysis.

The first DexGuard logo

2014 Guardsquare founded by Eric Lafortune & Heidi Rakels

Our portfolio of solutions now protects over 6 billion app users.

1. Optimize
2. Protect
3. Test
4. Monitor

2020 ProGuard® project moves from SourceForge to GitHub

Between 2002 and 2020 ProGuard® would see over 1 million downloads from SourceForge.


June 2020 ProGuardCORE released

With ProGuardCORE, developers can now easily use the same tools used by ProGuard® & DexGuard for code analysis and bytecode manipulation in their own projects.

Screenshot of ProGuardCORE repository on GitHub

September 2020 Guardsquare community launched

To this day, we've seen over 100 conversations about ProGuard® and other Guardsquare open source tools.


2021 AppSweep mobile app security testing tool launched

ProGuardCORE is used to build the Java code analysis for the new AppSweep mobile app security testing tool.

February 2021 ProGuard® Playground -keep rule library visualizer launched

Playgrounds created: 3,134 Configs evaluated: 21,008