Shrink your Java and Android code

    Use ProGuard®, Guardsquare’s open-source shrinker for Java bytecode, to enhance and optimize your code.


    The industry-leading Java optimizer for Android apps.



    Use ProGuard to shrink any Java or Kotlin app, whether on mobile, embedded or on desktop.



    ProGuard makes apps up to 90 percent smaller and 20 percent faster, all while providing basic defense against static reverse engineering with code obfuscation.



    Our open source community consists of engaged developers across the globe and the Guardsquare team. We’re dedicated to keeping the ProGuard community active and thriving.

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    Your free, open-source shrinker for Java/Kotlin apps

    ProGuard is a command-line tool that reduces app size by shrinking bytecode and obfuscates the names of classes, fields and methods. It’s an ideal fit for developers working with Java or Kotlin who are primarily interested in an Android optimizer.

    ProGuard Environments


    ProGuard vs. DexGuard

    Although ProGuard is a great start to mobile app security, its primary purpose is to shrink Java/Kotlin apps; not to serve as a security solution. DexGuard is our comprehensive Android mobile app security solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing ProGuard (or R8) configuration.

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