mobile healthcare app security

    Ensure healthcare app security and compliance

    Secure your mHealth apps to protect sensitive health data and meet FDA and EU-MDR compliance and security standards with Guardsquare’s mobile application security solutions.

    Protect your IP in mHealth apps

    Protect your IP in mHealth apps

    Consumers are increasingly using mobile apps to manage their health. Yet many developers and security teams face challenges when delivering secure mobile medical apps. Guardsquare’s depth of security expertise and comprehensive healthcare application security solutions can help you achieve necessary compliance with cybersecurity regulations to obtain pre-market approval and provide continuous post-market surveillance, all while protecting your IP.

    Why security is key in mobile medical apps

    Consumers expect to manage their health via mobile apps and their trust
    in sharing this sensitive data requires a secure mobile health experience.

    Continuously improve mobile medical app security

    Continuously improve your mobile medical app’s security posture

    We provide the full spectrum of protection for Android, iOS, and hybrid mobile health apps to help you meet pre-market approval requirements for protecting intellectual property, patient data, and revenue. 

    Multiple layers of code hardening provide static code protection. RASP dynamically protects your application while running. Threat monitoring provides real-time threat insights so you can better respond and prepare against future events.

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    What our customers are saying

    We were looking for a Mobile App Protection partner who can provide the highest level of protection for our iOS and Android apps. Guardsquare does this exceptionally well and helps us to ensure the compliance, safety and efficacy of our software.

    VP of Quality & Regulatory | Leading SaMD provider

    Guardsquare prevents attackers from reverse engineering and tampering with our applications to manipulate their functionality or stealing sensitive data like patients information and embedded IP. With ease of use and professional support, our team was able to apply the highest level of security without compromising development time and app performance.

    Principal Technical Architect | Leading SaMD provider

    Comprehensive protection

    We provide the full spectrum of protection for both Android and iOS financial service apps as well as platform-agnostic threat monitoring and highly responsive support to maximize uptime and speed implementation.

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