Free app security testing designed for developers, built for mobile

    Find and fix security issues in your Android app’s code and dependencies with AppSweep in accordance with security standards such as OWASP


    Industry-leading mobile app security testing based on our open source ProGuard technology.


    Fix issues

    Fix security issues quickly with actionable recommendations.


    Test with confidence

    Focus on high-confidence tests: eliminate the frustration of investigating false positives.


    Continuous security

    Check security continuously by integrating with your DevOps toolchain.

    App Security Testing Tool

    Utilizing the right scanning tool can offer fast, accurate, and actionable feedback to dramatically improve the security posture of your mobile app during the development cycle.

    Our free tool enables developers to put mobile security at the forefront of app development.

    Leveraging AppSweep helps you identify and fix security issues in your code and dependencies with actionable recommendations and insights that will help you build more secure mobile apps.

    By developers, for developers


    AppSweep provides additional benefits when you register

    • Organize applications in projects, compare different builds, explore trends, monitor improvements, and suppress redundant issues.

    • Invite your team members, share reports and recommendations, and align on security priorities.

    • Integrate security testing into your CI process for automated scans with each build.

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