Top retail mobile app security solution

    Secure your data with e-commerce application protection

    Retail mobile apps are high-value targets for threat actors looking to obtain financial data or to counterfeit; ensure e-commerce application protection and integrity with Guardsquare.


    Keep sensitive developer and customer data secure

    There is a slew of mobile e-commerce apps in the market — but few feature the level of retail application protection that such an important revenue source merits. With Guardsquare’s application shielding products, you’ll gain your customers’ trust, establish peace of mind and maintain a competitive advantage.

    40% of retailers have knowingly sacrificed mobile security

    Source: Verizon's 2020 Mobile Security Index Report

    Why security is key to mobile success

    Make e-commerce mobile app security the foundation of your mobile retail experience.

    Report: Majority of Retail Apps Lack Basic Security Protections

    Mobile e-commerce is becoming an increasingly popular way for consumers to make their purchases, but mobile e-commerce security hasn’t kept up.

    of major retail apps lack any protection whatsoever.

    of sampled apps had just one or two protections, such as algorithmic obfuscation, string encryption or SSL pinning.

    of sampled apps featured robust, multi-layered protection.

    Stay at the helm of your industry

    E-commerce application protection is more than a box to check — it’s what keeps your customers’ trust and preserves your transactions’ integrity.

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