Solidify your mobile game security

    You’ve worked hard to build an entertaining experience for your mobile app users. Give that experience and hard work the protection it deserves.


    Game security that defends against cheating and copycats

    Mobile apps are the most popular platform for gaming, which makes them a target for reverse engineers and cheaters. Use Guardsquare’s mobile game security solutions to ensure users experience your game the way it was meant to be played.

    But without the widespread adoption of security practices like code hardening or threat monitoring, it’s not hard to see why users have trouble entrusting mobile apps with their sensitive financial information. Connect with Guardsquare to gain a team of experts deeply versed in mobile app security best practices and make sure that your app has your users’ full trust.

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    Guardsquare is a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

    Learn more about Unity's only mobile gaming application security partner: Protecting Mobile Games >

    Unity Verified Solution

    Build the best gaming experience

    With the cheating epidemic on the rise, industry-leading studios on other platforms have invested millions in protecting their games on both the server and client side to ensure players are not being discouraged by cheaters

    Guardsquare takes that burden off of your team with a top mobile game security solutions that can be adapted to match your unique game situation, achieving maximum protection while maintaining game performance and functionality.


    Why mobile game security is key to success

    Long-term success in the marketplace takes more than just an expertly crafted mobile game; protecting the integrity of your IP is a foundational element toward ensuring your work receives the credit it deserves.

    Application protection for Unity

    More than 50 percent of all mobile games relying on the Unity game engine — that’s why we provide application protection for Unity-based mobile games.

    of video game publishers’ in-game revenue is lost to fraudsters each year.

    > 0%
    of all mobile games are powered by Unity.

    of online games are negatively impacted by cheaters.

    Protect your game’s integrity

    Through multiple layers of code obfuscation, runtime application self-protection (RASP) checks and real-time monitoring, our products ensure players experience your game as intended, counter-threat actors and protect your revenue streams.

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