Full spectrum protection for Android apps

    With extensive Android app obfuscation & security protocols, DexGuard provides the most comprehensive mobile app protection available. Secure your Android apps & SDKs through multiple layers of code hardening & RASP.


    We designed DexGuard to streamline the secure software development lifecycle and make developers’ lives easier while still providing robust protection.


    Optional DexGuard NDK add-on

    The DexGuard NDK add-on extends all the protection offered by DexGuard — including multi-layered Android app code obfuscation, data obfuscation and RASP integration — to included C/C++ native libraries.


    Protection Report

    DexGuard generates a Protection Report for each mobile app build that incorporates its protections. This report validates and assesses the applied protections, grading your app’s security configuration against key risk categories, providing further recommendations to improve security efficacy and surfacing potentially beneficial features to activate.


    Backwards compatible with ProGuard

    When upgrading from ProGuard (or R8) to DexGuard, you can re-use your existing ProGuard configuration file. All you need to do is account for DexGuard’s additional functionality, including its RASP and obfuscation capabilities.

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    Secure Keyboard add-on

    The Secure Keyboard is designed to enhance the security of the keyboard used by your app, eliminating the risk associated with custom keyboards installed by users that may compromise data security. As a DexGuard add-on, it provides protection against malware attacks while delivering optimal UX as a fully functional keyboard.

    Supported Technologies


    Defend against static analysis

    If a threat actor decompiles your app, DexGuard ensures that your code will be as resistant to reverse engineering as possible. DexGuard provides obfuscation for classes, fields, arithmetic instructions and more; code virtualization; API call hiding; and many additional security features. Crucially, DexGuard’s protection is polymorphic — each app build has a different Android obfuscation configuration, preventing a threat actor from reusing their prior knowledge.


    Counter dynamic analysis

    DexGuard automatically injects runtime application self-protection (RASP) checks, preventing threat actors from tampering with apps at runtime. What’s more, each build features different RASP checks in different locations, ensuring threat actors can’t reuse prior knowledge. DexGuard injects checks like root detection, certificate checks, hook detection and more.

    How it works

    Learn more about the Android app security techniques, practices and technology DexGuard uses to keep your mobile apps safe.

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    Free real-time threat monitoring

    DexGuard licenses come with one free license of ThreatCast, Guardsquare’s real-time threat monitoring tool. Gain visibility into vulnerabilities and suspicious activity and adapt your security configuration to face the constantly evolving threat landscape with Guardsquare's real-time threat monitoring product, ThreatCast.

    Responsive support

    We’ll ensure your DexGuard implementation is comprehensive and tailored to your needs. Afterwards, we provide two levels of support based on your needs.


    Basic support

    Rely on the Guardsquare team for bug fixes and setup support at no additional cost.

    • Installation and setup support
    • Bug fixes
    • Response within 3 business days
    • Email support


    Gold support

    Gain expert-level access to the Guardsquare knowledge base as well as executive technical and business review.

    • Installation and setup support
    • Bug fixes
    • Project-specific support
    • Configuration optimization
    • Response within 1 business day
    • Email and phone support

    What our customers are saying

    • DexGuard and ThreatCast have made [the app] more secure, faster, and better for users.
      Founder and Developer
      AI tool provider
    • We were able to get up and running with DexGuard and iXGuard quickly, and the customer support has been excellent.
      International bank
    DexGuard and ThreatCast have made [the app] more secure, faster, and better for users. We were able to get up and running with DexGuard and iXGuard quickly, and the customer support has been excellent.

    Discover how DexGuard provides industry-leading protection for Android and cross-platform apps.