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Many mobile devices use an Android OS, yet the operating system has quite a few disadvantages. A lot of free hacking tools exist that let anyone easily reverse engineer or even 'trojanize' an Android app. There are a number of possible vulnerabilities for unprotected applications: insertion of malware (such as key logging, password snooping or connection tampering), theft of data and intellectual property, bypassing authentication logic, piracy, and last but not least loss of credibility.

DexGuard provides advanced security features tailor-made for the Android operating system. It offers protection against static analysis. DexGuard shields your apps from cloning, tampering, key extraction and piracy, by applying multiple techniques such as string encryption, class encryption, asset encryption, call hiding, code obfuscation and resource obfuscation.

DexGuard also offers protection against dynamic analysis. It adds tamper detection and SSL pinning to your application, and allows the application to run environment and certificate checks. The combined layers provide the best protection for applications in banking, e-commerce, health, and so forth.

"We have undergone a security evaluation by an independent lab, and the protection of the code was deemed very good. Congratulations!"

A customer from France

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DexGuard's unique strengths

DexGuard 7.1

       check adds multiple, mutually reinforcing layers of protection to Android applications and SDKs. Each of these layers is polymorphic, i.e. different in each single implementation.

       check offers extensive customization options, enabling you to adapt the applied protection to your security and performance requirements.

       check allows you to plug in proprietary algorithms for the encryption and decryption of strings, assets, resources and native libraries.

       check improves the performance and reduces the size of Android applications and SDKs while effectively shielding them from reverse engineering attempts and hacking attacks.

       check integrates transparently in the build process: DexGuard doesn't require any changes to the source code.

       check supports the use of several popular security libraries, such as IOCipher, NetCipher, SQLCipher, Conceal, KeyCzar and SecurePreferences.

       check is fully compatible with ProGuard and with all common build tools and development environments (Gradle, Android Studio, Ant, Eclipse, Maven and custom builds).

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DexGuard integrates transparently in the build process

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"DexGuard provides protection against all attacks at the binary level. Our penetration test couldn't find any vulnerabilities in the application."

A customer from the U.S.A.

DexGuard, more than an obfuscator

Application code protection

Application resource protection

Size and performance improvements

DexGuard protects your applications' source code against reverse engineering and tampering.
DexGuard shields your applications' resources, assets and native libraries from reverse engineering and tampering. DexGuard makes your applications up to 90% smaller and 20% faster.
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Application integrity

Platform integrity

Communication hardening

DexGuard ensures that your applications react appropriately if a hacker has tried to modify them or is accessing them illegitimately. DexGuard applies environment checks to prevent your applications from running in a compromised environment. DexGuard increases the security of your communication and data storage.


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