Fix security issues quickly with DexGuard

    DexGuard provides the most comprehensive mobile app protection available. Secure your Android apps and SDKs through multiple layers of code hardening and RASP.

    AppSweep finds the issues,
    DexGuard fixes them


    Even more protection

    In addition to data encryption, DexGuard secures your sensitive classes through techniques like reflection and virtualization, obfuscates arithmetic instructions and more.

    Beyond debugging detection, DexGuard injects multiple RASP checks like emulation/simulation, root detection, certificate checks, hook detection and more. These checks make it increasingly harder for attackers to tamper with your apps at runtime. What’s more, each build features different RASP checks in different locations, ensuring threat actors can’t reuse prior knowledge.

    Discover how DexGuard provides industry-leading protection for Android and cross-platform apps