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Our customers

We are committed to provide our customers with expert solutions. We have more than a decade of experience in helping them protect their mobile and Java applications. Will you be the next to choose our software?

Some facts

Our products are used across the world in a broad range of industries.

A graph showing the geographical and industry distribution of Guardsquare customers.

  I built Locale from day one with privacy and security in mind, so I’ve always been very careful about what kinds of tools I use. DexGuard and ThreatCast have made Locale X more secure, faster, and better for users.  

- Carter Jernigan, founder of two forty four a.m. LLC and developer of Locale

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"My app usually gets pirated after a few hours, but thanks to your software it hasn't been pirated after several weeks!"

A game developer from Singapore

"I am a really big fan of DexGuard. It's a huge improvement compared to ProGuard and it's worth every penny."

An Austrian software development company

"DexGuard provides protections against all attacks at the binary level. Our penetration test couldn't find any vulnerabilities in the application."

An American IT company

"Great job with the new iXGuard features. The migration was easy to do and enabling the security features is by far the easiest I've seen!"

A software company from Croatia