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    Find & Fix Android App Security Issues Earlier in the SDLC with AppSweep.

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    Built by developers, for developers. Ensure your Android apps are secure with fast, actionable recommendations integrated into your mobile development pipeline.

    With cybersecurity issues at the forefront of news cycles, it’s more important than ever to gain insights as early as possible when you’re building mobile apps. That’s why we built AppSweep, a free Android app tool designed specifically for developers to use during the app development process—and to continuously scan and improve the security of your app prior to release.

    Join us on January 26th - 10am ET/ 4:00pm CEST (UTC +2)

    In this 30-minute webinar hosted by Guardsquare Chief Product Officer, Ryan Lloyd, you’ll learn the benefits of automated mobile application security testing and advantages of AppSweep, including:

    • How to find and fix security issues with AppSweep
    • How and when to integrate AppSweep into your development process
    • How AppSweep can complement your pentesting approach
    Register today to learn more about our free and easy-to-use Android App security testing tool, AppSweep, built specifically for developers.


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