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    Secure mobile application development

    What is mobile app development security?

    Mobile app development security comprises the protection of iOS and Android applications from reverse engineering, tampering, and other common threats. There are proven ways to include security within the iterative mobile application development process. A combination of the right knowledge and tools can help mobile app development and security teams apply the security best-practices across every iteration in their development lifecycle.

    Why is mobile app development security neglected?

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    Globally, 5.19 billion people use mobile phones, and 90 percent of their time is spent on apps. Mobile apps play a huge role in the economy. They are major revenue generators for many companies. However, many apps contain sensitive data or intellectual property. This makes them valuable to hackers.

    According to Verizon’s 2020 Mobile Security Index, 43 percent of organizations sacrificed mobile security in the past year. Those that neglected mobile app development security were twice as likely to experience a compromise.

    Because this is a highly competitive space, teams often prioritize speed of mobile development over app security. A full 63% said they prioritized speed of deployment over security.

    This can leave iOS and Android applications vulnerable to malicious actors.


    Common mobile app threats

    Common mobile app development security threats include:
    • Malicious code injection
    • Credential harvesting
    • Reverse-engineering
    • Tampering
    • Fake apps
    • Ad fraud
    • and more 

    These threats can result in financial losses, reputational damages, customer data loss, IP theft and more.

    What makes Guardsquare different?

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    Multi-layered mobile app development security
    Guardsquare integrates multiple layers of security into the code of your mobile app, protecting against both static and dynamic analysis and runtime threats.
    • Code hardening (encryption and obfuscation) makes sure code is unreadable to hackers trying to reverse-engineer apps to extract sensitive information, alter source code or exploit vulnerabilities.
    • Runtime application self-protection (RASP) protects against dynamic analysis and runtime attacks, enabling applications to monitor both their own integrity and the integrity of the environment in which they’re running.

    Real-time threat monitoring

    After an Android or iOS app is released, security teams and developers often lack visibility into the most common attack vectors and most targeted parts of their code. Real-time threat monitoring enables teams to identify threats, adapt their security configurations, and protect apps from suspicious activity and malicious users.

    Security for the entire mobile app development lifecycle

    Guardsquare helps teams implement app security with tools that simplify testing and security improvements at various points throughout the development lifecycle. With its unique combination of testing, code hardening, runtime application-self protection, and threat monitoring, teams using Guardsquare can continuously integrate security.

    Protect your iOS and Android
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