Secure In-App Keyboard for DexGuard & iXGuard

    Safeguard against malware attacks and ensure optimal UX with full keyboard functionality using Guardsquare's Secure In-App Keyboard alongside DexGuard & iXGuard protections.


    Enhanced security and user experience with Guardsquare's Secure Keyboard add-on

    Secure your data and ensure a seamless user experience with Guardsquare's Secure Keyboard add-on. The secure keyboard app eliminates the risk of data leaks from user-installed custom keyboards, protects against malware attacks such as overlays, and delivers optimal functionality. Conveniently access enhanced security and a full keyboard experience with this add-on from Guardsquare.

    Key features of the Secure Keyboard

    • OS Support:
      The keyboard supports iOS 12+ and Android API 21+
    • SDK Details: 
      It is available as an Android and iOS SDK, with the iOS SDK provided as a Swift Package, and the Android SDK provided in Java and Kotlin.
    • UI Customization: 
      Users can customize the keyboard's theme colors, enable dark mode, configure audio feedback, provide haptic feedback, and customize portrait and landscape modes along with top bar customization.
    • Convenience Typing: 
      Includes auto-correction, auto-learning, auto-capitalization, and support for 80+ languages with configurable emoji options.
    • Security: 
      The secure keyboard comes with built-in protection against overlay malware attacks.

    Responsive support aligned with DexGuard & iXGuard

    Guardsquare provides technical support for the secure keyboard add-on on both Android through DexGuard and iOS via iXGuard, ensuring seamless assistance for the implementation and maintenance of these protection measures in your mobile applications.

    Learn more about protecting your mobile application with DexGuard and iXGuard by using our secure keyboard add-on.