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    Code hardening is an abstract and deeply technical topic, making it difficult to get good hands-on knowledge and experience. That’s why our engineers created a set of fun and practical labs around four different application hardening techniques.

    This technical magazine is the perfect way to improve your security knowledge in an engaging and practical way, no matter which mobile platform you use. Along the way, we'll dive into some low level compiler and security concepts to help you learn some interesting app hardening techniques.

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    Through the real world scenario of removing license checks from paid software, this lab explores how to protect mobile apps against binary patching by applying checksumming to the code. The lab explains the theory and explores a practical implementation for an iOS app, with corresponding code snippets and the aid of reverse engineering tools like radare2.

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    Developers busy creating mobile apps that are interested in learning more about the security aspect of app development such as code hardening.

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    Our team of expert engineers, who work every day to deliver high-quality mobile security software, wrote this technical magazine to share their in-depth knowledge about how to best secure mobile applications.

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