Android Malware: How It Works and How to Protect Your App against It



    About this video webinar

    In 2023, mobile malware attacks spiked by more than 50% compared to 2022. As the malware problem continues to grow in scale and sophistication, developers play an increasingly crucial role in ensuring the resiliency of their Android apps against it.

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    • Android malware is a real problem that causes millions of dollars of financial damage each year to users and organizations globally. We observed that malware attacks have not only grown in number but also in sophistication.
    • Accessibility services is often used by Android malware as the foundation for their attacks. With these capabilities, they can escalate their privilege, spy on users, and even automate certain actions such as performing fraudulent transactions.
    • Developers are responsible for mitigating known malware risks to protect their apps and users. Using publicly available APIs and other mitigation techniques, developers can easily implement malware defenses themselves.
    • Code obfuscation and runtime protection play a crucial role both in ensuring that malware cannot interact with the app, and ensuring that the implemented malware defenses inside the app cannot be removed or tampered with.