Compiler Technology vs Wrapper Solutions: Making the Right Foundational Choice for Mobile App Protection

    Hosted by Guardsquare featuring:

    • Ingmar Dasseville, Product Owner
    • Jija Bhattacharya, Product Marketing Manager


    Tuesday, June 11th at 4PM CEST  (10AM EST)

    About this webinar

    The right mobile app protection secures apps and SDKs against threats such as reverse engineering, back-end abuse, app cloning, piracy, and IP theft, to name a few. Many providers claim to offer solutions to these problems, but how can you effectively compare their offerings?

    This webinar delves into the nuanced world of mobile app protection, discussing two prominent approaches: compiler-based technology and wrapper solutions.

    Key points of discussion:

    • Which approach best outmaneuvers the ever-evolving threats in mobile app security?
    • How do app security approaches balance depth of protection and adaptability to changing landscapes?
    • What are the strengths and limitations of each approach to protecting mobile applications and SDKs?
    • What are the implications of quick deployment through app wrappers, and how do they influence long-term security?

    Empowering insights for developers and security professionals:

    Gain a detailed understanding of the nuances of mobile app protection strategies. Whether considering factors like build times, adaptability to new technologies, or the intricacies of threat models, this webinar offers valuable insights to help you select the most suitable approach for your requirements.

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