Android Malware: How It Works And How to Protect Your Application Against It

    Hosted by Guardsquare featuring:

    • Gerardo Pinar Loriente, Security Researcher, Guardsquare
    • Brian Adam Pratama, Product Marketing Manager, Guardsquare


    Tuesday, April 9th

    • Session 1: 1PM SGT (7AM CEST / 1AM EDT)

    • Session 2: 10AM BRT (3PM CEST / 9AM EDT)

    About this webinar

    In 2023, mobile malware attacks spiked by more than 50% compared to 2022. As the malware problem continues to grow in scale and sophistication, developers play an increasingly crucial role in ensuring the resiliency of their Android apps against it.

    Join our webinar “Android Malware: How it Works and How to Protect Your Application Against It” on April 9th to learn about:

    • Android malware's most common distribution method, attack techniques, and behaviors.
    • Recommended mitigation techniques you can implement to prevent malware attacks on your Android apps.
    • A case study highlighting the importance of code hardening and runtime protection in preventing malware attacks.

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