The Invisible Thief: How They Block Ads and Get Extra Features on Your Apps for Free

    A Guardsquare webinar hosted by:

    • Anton Baranenko, Product Manager, Guardsquare
    • Brian Pratama, Product Marketing Manager, Guardsquare

    About this Webinar

    Advertisements and paywalls are the two most popular ways to monetize an app.

    Without sufficient mobile app security, reverse engineers can modify, repackage, and distribute modded or enhanced versions of a freemium app. This allows users to block ads, bypass premium features or content, and access originally unavailable capabilities.

    Mods may cause loss of revenue, but that's not all. Modded apps can be used as a launchpad for a larger-scale cyber attack leading to data breaches and permanent loss of a part of the customer base.

    In this webinar, we will discuss the problem pathology and share some practical suggestions for mitigating this issue by applying the right mobile app security measures, such as:

    • Code hardening 
    • Runtime Analysis Self-Protection (RASP)
    • Security testing
    • Threat monitoring

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