Webinar - The Rise of Mobile Application Security Standards: Driving Adoption Through Automation

    About this Webinar

    Join us to gain a deeper understanding of how you can use automation to improve the speed and reliability of your mobile application security testing. Learn about the importance of the OWASP MASVS categories and what test requirements can be automatically executed within your CI/CD pipelines. Automating the process is critical for obtaining regular, consistent assessments against MASVS using the MAS Checklist, or in assessing yourself with other derivate frameworks that utilize the OWASP standards (e.g. the App Defense Alliance’s MASA or the CREST OVS).

    Geared to mobile app developers and security professionals supporting mobile teams, we will introduce the importance of having a comprehensive mobile application security strategy that includes standards based testing. OWASP MASVS will be introduced and discussed in terms of the benefits to developers, with clear explanations of how the standard can help reduce security risks in your mobile applications. Accepting that you can't have your cake and eat it too, possibly what will be even more important is the discussion of the structural limitations of the automation process and how you can address the limitations of automation through the use of pentesting.

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