October 18, 2020

    Guardsquare Acquires App-Ray Technology to Advance Mobile App Protection with Continuous Security Testing

    Mobile Application Security Platform Shifting Left with Acquisition of Security Testing Technology

    Leuven, Belgium – October 20, 2020 – Guardsquare, the mobile application security platform, today announced the acquisition of App-Ray‒a leading provider of Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST). As part of the acquisition, Guardsquare has opened an office in Munich, Germany to further extend the company’s ability to grow its global presence. In addition, Guardsquare has released the newest versions of  iXGuard for iOS and  DexGuard for Android, the company's advanced solutions for protecting mobile applications. 

    “I am thrilled to announce the acquisition of App-Ray alongside the latest releases of iXGuard and DexGuard. Together, Guardsquare will uniquely be able to help our customers achieve maximum mobile application protection and increase their efficiency by extending security testing into all stages of the development lifecycle,” said Roel Caers, CEO at Guardsquare. “The acquisition furthers Guardsquare’s strategy and we are confident the acquisition and integrating this new functionally allows us to deliver an even better mobile application security offering.” 

    Industry-wide, development teams demonstrate a growing need for the ability to identify and resolve security gaps in mobile applications early in the development cycle to decrease the risk of releasing apps or software development kits (SDK) with security flaws. Guardsquare focuses on helping developers “shift left” and efficiently address security concerns before an app is released. 

    With the acquisition of App-Ray, Guardsquare will deliver an enhanced and highly efficient solution for optimal mobile application protection. In the coming year, App-Ray technology will be integrated into the Guardsquare platform and incorporated into existing products including ProGuard, the open source optimizer for Java and Kotlin, and DexGuard and iXGuard, which provide protection against reverse engineering and tampering of mobile applications and SDKs.

    Now available in the new releases of both DexGuard and iXGuard, Guardsquare’s Protection Report helps security and development teams achieve reliable, robust, multi-layered app protection with minimal resources. The report is generated when an application is processed, grading and validating the application of code hardening and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) mechanisms against categories of common and impactful threats. If any concerns are identified, the generated report outlines steps to enhance protection, enabling development teams to take immediate action.

    The acquisition and the release of the Protection Report aids in reconciling gaps in security, before the release of an app, in order to avoid implications that are extremely costly and time consuming to repair. Allowing developers to identify security issues, privacy breaches, and data leaks earlier in the development lifecycle prevents potentially disruptive revenue loss and devastating reputational damage. 

    To learn more about Guardsquare shifting left with the App-Ray acquisition and the latest enhancements to DexGuard and iXGuard, please visit: Integrating Security Throughout the Mobile App Development Lifecycle 

    About Guardsquare

    Guardsquare is the global leader in mobile application protection. More than 650 customers worldwide across all major industries rely on Guardsquare to secure their mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking. Built on the open source ProGuard technology, Guardsquare software integrates transparently in the development process and adds multiple layers of protection to Android (DexGuard) and iOS (iXGuard) applications hardening them against both on-device and off-device attacks. With the addition of ThreatCast, its mobile application security console, Guardsquare offers the most complete mobile security solution on the market today. Guardsquare is based in Leuven, Belgium with a US office in Boston, MA.

    Erica Sheehan
    VP of Marketing, Guardsquare

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