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    Protecting Android applications and SDKs

    ProGuard users understand that optimizing applications can provide some limited protection against static analysis. However, Android applications and SDKs can still be prone to decompiling by malicious actors using readily available tools. This opens up applications to many forms of abuse, including:

    • Cloning
    • Tampering
    • Intellectual Property Theft
    • Credential Harvesting
    • And more.

    DexGuard protects native Android and cross-platform apps and SDKs against reverse engineering and other forms of misuse. It hardens the application’s code and enables the app to defend itself at runtime.

    What’s the difference between ProGuard & DexGuard?



    Shrinker for Java bytecode with basic protection against static analysis.

    • Makes applications 90% smaller, 20% faster
    • Provides limited protection against reverse engineering
    • Obfuscates names of classes, fields and methods
    • Only processes bytecode
    • Self-service product support



    Specialized tool for the advanced protection of Android applications. Features everything ProGuard provides and more:

    • Obfuscates and encrypts names of classes, fields, methods and resources, resource files, asset files, native libraries, and more.
    • Protects against dynamic attacks with Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
    • Protects against static attacks with code hardening
    • Processes the entire application
    • Full-service product support
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    Upgrade your security

    Although ProGuard is a great start to mobile app security, it’s primary purpose is to shrink Java/Kotlin apps; not to serve as a security solution. DexGuard, is our comprehensive Android mobile app security solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing ProGuard (or R8) configuration.

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    I built Locale from day one with privacy and security in mind, so I’ve always been very careful about what kinds of tools I use. DexGuard has made Locale X more secure, faster, and better for users.

    Carter Jernigan | founder of two forty four a.m. LLC and developer of Locale

    DexGuard: Advanced obfuscation and runtime application self-protection for Android

    Upgrading to DexGuard is easy. DexGuard is backward-compatible with ProGuard, which means you can reuse your ProGuard configuration and implement DexGuard’s additional layers of protection. Here are some of the key features of DexGuard:

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