REPORT: Mobile Apps Aren’t Secure Enough, Despite Dev Teams’ Priorities

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    What’s causing misalignment between app developers’ security intentions and actions?

    Organizations are aware of the risks they face without a complete mobile app security strategy. Yet 95% of survey respondents report room for improvement in their security program or protocols in order to protect their public facing mobile apps from basic attacks and the consequences that come with it.

    Key Findings:

    • Even though 81% agree that iOS standard security isn’t enough and 84% say the same about Android, 96% are relying to some extent if not completely on the end-users’ mobile operating systems for app security.
    • Though teams spend an average of 2 months or around 40% of the dev lifecycle per app on security, apps are still not secure enough.

    Read the full report to explore the global data from more than 500 cross-sector mobile application security professionals.