How to Secure SoftPOS Mobile Apps to Comply with PCI MPoC


    About this video webinar

    Mobile payments with digital wallets and SoftPOS apps have transformed transactions by offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility with SoftPOS adoption projected to skyrocket 475% by 2027. However, this technology introduces new security challenges that require robust mobile application security measures such as app protection, anti-tampering, attestation, and monitoring. The PCI MPoC standard mandates these essential security measures, ensuring PCI MPoC-certified products adhere to the industry's highest security practices.

    Watch this on-demand webinar with Guardsquare and Riscure's experts to learn:

    • The main threats that impact SoftPOS mobile apps
    • PCI MPoC requirements to protect sensitive payment data
    • How to achieve PCI MPoC certification and release secure SoftPOS mobile apps