July 9, 2016

    DexGuard 7.2 released

    Update: Learn more about the latest version of DexGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are proud to announce the release of DexGuard 7.2. The latest release of DexGuard contains a number of improvements that bring the software into line with recent developments in the Android ecosystem.

    The new features are:

    • Direct protection of apk files. DexGuard can now directly optimize and harden compiled application files. This offers a solution for those cases in which the build process can't be modified.
    • Compatibility with the Jack toolchain. DexGuard now integrates into the Android toolchain with the Jack & Jill compilers. These experimental compilers directly translate Java source code into Dalvik bytecode without going through Java bytecode. The Jack & Jill compilers aren't quite ready for production use yet, but they are the future – and DexGuard is ready for it.
    • Support for Java 8 language features. DexGuard can now process Java 8 code, enabling much-anticipated constructs like closures. You don't need to rely on open source projects like Retrolambda or experimental tools like the Jack compiler. You can confidently upgrade your development to modern language features. DexGuard will make sure the processed code is compatible with all versions of Android.
    • Dynamic configuration support. DexGuard can now help you create the necessary configuration to handle reflection in your code. It can inject support in the code to log suggested settings at runtime. This saves valuable development time you would otherwise spend tracking down any unknown reflection and creating a tuned configuration.


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