November 30, 2017

    DexGuard 8.1 released

     Update: Learn more about the latest version of DexGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are proud to announce that DexGuard 8.1 is now available for download. This release includes new security features and additional functionality.

    New security features:

    • Code packing. DexGuard could already encrypt specific sensitive classes. It can now also encrypt all combined bytecode as an additional layer of protection.
    • Hook detection. The DexGuard run-time SDK now detects hooking frameworks (Xposed, Substrate) that attempt to modify your applications' behavior.

    Additional functionality:

    • Android Studio plugin. The DexGuard plugin for Android Studio provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion and highlighting of potentially suboptimal or erroneous configuration.
    • Instant Instant Apps. DexGuard enables you to automatically create Instant Apps from existing projects without project restructuring or manual code refactoring. Read more.

    Extended support:

    • Java 9. DexGuard  is ready for Java 9 as soon as Gradle is.


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