June 2, 2018

    DexGuard 8.2 released

     Update: Learn more about the latest version of DexGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are proud to announce the release of DexGuard 8.2. The latest DexGuard release contains important new security features and usability improvements.

    The most important additions are:

    • File tamper detection. DexGuard’s tamper detection has been extended to enable you to monitor the integrity of any specified file.
    • Hardened native library loading. DexGuard could already encrypt native libraries. It now also hardens the decryption and loading on the device.
    • JavaScript obfuscation plugins. DexGuard now provides a plugin mechanism to enable you to harden JavaScript code using sophisticated external obfuscators.

    Other additions and improvements:

    • Automatic library configuration. DexGuard can now automatically generate ProGuard/DexGuard consumer rules for libraries.
    • Universal support for stream and date APIs. Recent versions of Java and Android contain new APIs to work with streams and dates. The predominance of older devices in the market practically limits their use. DexGuard now has built-in backporting support to use them across all versions of Android.
    • Resource optimization. DexGuard now optimizes the size of resource configurations in applications.
    • DEX optimization. You can now pass collected performance profiles to let DexGuard optimize the structure of DEX files. This allows you to improve the startup times of your applications on older devices.
    • Automatic update checking. DexGuard now includes an optional plugin to automatically check for available updates.


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