March 12, 2019

    DexGuard 8.4 introduces JavaScript obfuscation

    Update: Learn more about the latest version of DexGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are proud to announce the release of DexGuard 8.4. The latest DexGuard release extends the existing code hardening capabilities with JavaScript obfuscation to provide better protection to hybrid apps built with frameworks such as Cordova, Ionic and React Native for cross-platform use. DexGuard 8.4 also adds new security functionality and usability improvements.

    The key additions to DexGuard 8.4 are:

    • JavaScript obfuscation. DexGuard extends its protections of bytecode, native code, resources and assets with specialized support for JavaScript code. DexGuard now optimizes and obfuscates the JavaScript code inside Android apps. It handles all code from small JavaScript snippets to full-blown cross-platform applications built with Cordova, Ionic or React Native. Find out how DexGuard hardens JavaScript code.
    • Improved hook detection. DexGuard is continuously updated to counter increasingly sophisticated reverse engineering techniques. Our hook detection mechanism now reliably detects a broader range of hooking frameworks (including Magisk), even if these try to conceal their presence.

    Other additions and improvements:

    • Support for the Dynamic features module in Android App Bundles. DexGuard now supports packaging dynamic features in app bundles. This Google Play store functionality allows users to download application components dynamically, as and when needed. It reduces the initial download size, improving the adoption and retention rate of your apps.
    • Updated Gradle plugin. The DexGuard Gradle plugin is now compatible with the latest Android Gradle plugin (3.3.0) and common third-party plugins.


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