September 2, 2019

    DexGuard 8.5 released

    Update: Learn more about the latest version of DexGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are pleased to announce the release of DexGuard 8.5. DexGuard now uses D8 by default, resulting in less memory usage and improved stability. It is also now possible to automatically download and use the latest DexGuard version by configuring a secure maven repository. 

    DexGuard 8.5 introduces the following new features:

    Secure Maven repository. Automatically download and use the latest version of DexGuard by configuring a secure maven repository.

    Switch to D8 for dex conversion. DexGuard now uses D8 as dex conversion tool by default, resulting in less memory usage at build time and improved stability at runtime.

    Additional DexGuard 8.5 features and updates include:

    Multidex improvements. The existing multidex support has been improved and aligned to the Gradle plugin standard, in order to make migration as easy as possible.

    Javascript obfuscation. Improved capabilities of our recently integrated Javascript obfuscation engine, by adding scope aware shrinking and configuration debugging. 

    Improved compatibility with Crashlytics & Gradle. Improved compatibility with the latest versions of Gradle (5+) and the Crashlytics plugin (1.31.0+).

    Additional tools. Command line tool added to generate all necessary rules in order to leave all contents of an AAR file untouched by DexGuard.


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