June 2, 2018

    iXGuard 3.0 released

     Update: Learn more about the latest version of iXGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are proud to announce the release of iXGuard 3.0. The latest release of our hardening software contains important new security features that protect the integrity of iOS applications and monitor the integrity of the environment in which they are running.

    Defend against swizzling and other popular code tampering techniques using:

    • Method call lowering. iXGuard protects iOS applications against swizzling by devirtualizing Objective-C calls.
    • Function integrity. iXGuard prevents function patching for hooking purposes by frameworks such as Frida or Cydia Substrate.

    Ensure your applications run in a safe environment without changing the source code:

    • Jailbreak detection. iXGuard automatically checks whether an application is being run on a jailbroken device. It lets developers determine how the application should react if a jailbroken device is detected.
    • Debugger detection. iXGuard automatically adds checks to detect the use of debugging tools.

    Additional features and improvements:

    • Substantial additions to existing control flow obfuscation techniques. iXGuard now hides all Objective-C method invocations from static analysis tools.
    • Symbol obfuscation. iXGuard's unique overview of all application code enables obfuscation of used public symbols in libraries and hiding of the unused ones.
    • Extended string obfuscation. New obfuscation algorithms have been added to increase the variability of string obfuscation.
    • Enhanced analytics. iXGuard provides extensive information about the applied transformations at function-level.
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