April 2, 2019

    iXGuard 3.1 released

     Update: Learn more about the latest version of iXGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are proud to announce the release of iXGuard 3.1. Among the security updates is an important new application integrity feature that protects iOS applications against static library injection.

    iXGuard 3.1 provides improved protection for your apps with the following features:

    Application integrity protection. iXGuard now protects applications against static library injection. This technique is used to perform runtime inspection of applications. iXGuard uses a combination of information collected at compile time and various runtime characteristics to prevent this kind of attack.

    Enterprise-focused environment integrity. iXGuard now performs more comprehensive jailbreak and debugger checks in applications meant for distribution with enterprise certificates outside of the App Store, for instance within large organizations, schools etc.

    Improved name obfuscation. iXGuard now handles even more language constructs. This enables the detection and removal of Swift reflection related metadata to prevent leakage of semantic information. In addition, iXGuard provides obfuscation of Swift enum names.

    Usability upgrades. iXGuard 3.1 introduces various usability upgrades:

    • A single installation package can now be used for any Xcode version.
    • Warnings are grouped and sorted, no longer scattered throughout the log.
    • A number of safeguards ensures that consistent application signing credentials are provided.
    • An optional step now deobfuscates the dSYM files, removing the need for a separate manual or mapping file.
    • An optional built-in version check notifies users about the latest iXGuard updates.


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