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iXGuard 3.2 released

iXGuard 3.2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of iXGuard 3.2. Among other improvements, iXGuard now provides protection to Javascript code in hybrid applications.

iXGuard 3.2 introduces the following new features:

Protection for JavaScript hybrid apps. iXGuard now protects Javascript code in hybrid applications:

  • Automatic detection, processing and obfuscation of JavaScript hybrid applications.
  • Powerful JavaScript code obfuscation features to complement the existing Objective-C and Swift techniques.
  • Extensive (but optional) configuration scheme similar to the existing options.
  • Out-of-the-box support for popular frameworks like React Native and Cordova and their respective native-JavaScript bridging techniques.

Read more about how iXGuard hardens JavaScript code.

In-App Assistant. iXGuard’s new In-App Assistant automatically generates required name obfuscation configuration for all executed code paths.

Additional iXGuard 3.2 features and updates include:

Improved code integrity checks. iXGuard’s additional code integrity features now provide:

  • Detection of additional runtime function hooking techniques, e.g.:
    - Runtime integrity verification of various function indirection tables.
    - Protection against function hooking tools based on interposing (e.g. Fishhook).
  • Optional callbacks to react specifically to unwanted third-party function interposing.
  • Automated discovery of app code vulnerable to interposing.
  • Verification injection policies specifically tailored to the detected usage.

Improved usability. Improved name obfuscation debugging capabilities through both additional in-app UI elements and console application logs.

Improved callbacks. In addition to allowing for the specification of different callbacks for various integrity features, iXGuard now provides callbacks that:

  • optionally take a context object containing additional information on the detected integrity breach, for example:
    - details on the type of application integrity issues detected,
    - information about which functions were hooked.
  • give the possibility to reuse a single callback for multiple integrity features.

Platform Support. iXGuard now provides support for:

  • Xcode 11 beta 
  • Swift 5.1.