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Cutting-edge protection for your iOS apps and SDKs

Hackers can use readily available tools to disassemble and inspect your iOS applications and SDKs and gain insight into their internal logic. This opens the way for various forms of abuse, including intellectual property theft, credential harvesting, tampering and cloning.

iXGuard protects native iOS and cross-platform apps and SDKs against reverse engineering and hacking. It hardens apps’ code and enables them to defend themselves at runtime.

  • Code hardening

  • Runtime self-protection

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Secure development made easy

  • iXGuard processes your project as a whole, including libraries and extensions. This enables stronger and more extensive hardening.
  • iXGuard doesn't require any changes to the source code of your applications or SDKs.
  • iXGuard has no impact on your development process. It functions as a stand-alone solution that processes your compiled applications.
  • ixGuard offers built-in support for both native and cross-platform apps (Cordova, Ionic, React Native, Unity), making it easier for developers to protect their revenue streams and reputations across all mobile operating systems
  • iXGuard is easy to configure. It can be set up to protect entire applications or specific functions with a single configuration file.

Advanced obfuscation and runtime protection for native (Swift, Objective-C) and cross-platform (JavaScript) iOS apps


Code hardening

iXGuard prevents attackers from gaining insight into your source code and modify it or extract valuable information from it. iXGuard provides:

  • Obfuscation of name of classes, fields and methods, of arithmetic instructions, control flow and method calls
  • Encryption of sensitive strings

Runtime application self-protection (RASP)

iXGuard renders your applications and SDKs self-defending. It enables them to monitor the integrity of their code and that of the environment in which they are running. iXGuard provides:

  • Debugger and emulator detection
  • Method swizzling prevention
  • Hook detection and prevention
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Repackaging detection

Usage requirements

Xcode 10 to 11

iXGuard supports applications built with Xcode 10 to 11.

Bitcode-enabled archive build

iXGuard processes bitcode-enabled archive builds. Read more

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iXGuard enables you to protect your iOS apps and SDKs against reverse engineering and hacking. Request your quotation and get started!

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Support for iXGuard

The team at Guardsquare is committed to ensuring you are quickly up and running and maximizing the value of iXGuard on day 1 and beyond.

Basic support

Basic support

All iXGuard customers receive access to Basic support including installation support and bug resolution.

  • Bug fixes
  • Setup assistance
  • Response within 3 business days
  • Support by email
Gold support

Gold support

Gold support customers are up and running quickly with assistance in configuring settings as well as any bug resolution.

  • Bug fixes
  • Setup assistance
  • Project-specific support
  • Configuration optimization
  • Priority handling (response within 1 business day)
  • Support by email and by phone