February 1, 2022

    Mobile App Security Leader Expands Cross-platform Framework Support to Include Flutter

    Guardsquare Introduces Mobile App Protection for Flutter; Preventing Tampering and Reverse Engineering

    Leuven, Belgium, February 1, 2022Guardsquare, the mobile application security platform, today introduced mobile app protection support for Flutter, an open-source framework created by Google, extending its protection offering to prevent reverse-engineering and tampering of mobile apps built with Flutter.

    “As Flutter adoption and use continues to increase, the need for comprehensive code hardening and anti-tampering protection has extended to this popular framework,” said Ryan Lloyd, Chief Product Officer at Guardsquare. “Organizations are always looking for ways to reduce expenses and create efficiencies. Combining Flutter’s efficiency with Guardsquare’s comprehensive mobile app security capabilities provides developers with the tools to effectively protect sensitive data and IP within their app as well as their organization’s brand reputation.”

    Guardsquare is expanding its offering to support the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers according to The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 report. Based on the survey, 42% of software developers use Flutter, roughly one-third of mobile app developers use multi-platform technologies or frameworks, while the remaining mobile developers use native tools.

    Guardsquare’s mobile application protection offers two key benefits to developers and organizations:

    • Code Hardening: Protects valuable IP and sensitive data within mobile apps by safeguarding them from static analysis and preventing reverse engineering
    • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP): Enables apps to monitor for suspicious behavior at runtime, defend against dynamic analysis and prevent tampering

    “We’re thrilled to announce Guardsquare’s industry-leading protection for mobile applications now includes support for apps built using Google’s cross-platform framework, Flutter,” said Roel Caers, CEO of Guardsquare. “Flutter is an increasingly important framework for developers because it is easy and efficient. Guardquare’s new Flutter protection provides developers a competitive advantage as it empowers them to efficiently build and secure their mobile applications.”

    To learn more about Guardsquare’s Flutter support for mobile apps, please visit https://www.guardsquare.com/flutter.

    About Guardsquare

    Guardsquare offers the most complete approach to mobile application security on the market. Built on the open-source ProGuard technology, Guardsquare’s software integrates seamlessly across the development cycle. From app security testing to code hardening to real-time visibility into the threat landscape, Guardsquare solutions provide enhanced mobile application security from early in the development process through publication. More than 800 customers worldwide across all major industries rely on Guardsquare to help them identify security risks and protect their mobile applications against reverse engineering and tampering.

    Guardsquare Contact:

    Erica Sheehan
    Chief Marketing Officer, Guardsquare

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