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    What is mobile payment security?

    What is mobile payment security?

    In 2020, more than 1 billion people worldwide used a mobile payment app to pay in-store at least every six months. 

    Mobile payment application security is a critical part of protecting consumer transactions and ensuring that sensitive payment data does not end up in the hands of malicious actors via reverse-engineering or dynamic attacks.

    In addition, security measures can ensure that financial services companies comply with PCI requirements, or the security standards set by the Payments Card Industry to protect consumers, merchants and financial services institutions.

    Learn more about how application hardening can help. 

    Mobile payment application hardening

    Application hardening with Guardsquare is one way to protect mobile payment apps, making them more difficult for attackers to penetrate. This is done by layering the following protections:


    • Code hardening protects mobile payment applications and SDKs for Android and iOS from reverse engineering. It consists of hardening the code at various levels through obfuscation and encryption. Hardened code is resistant to both automated and manual analysis.

    • Runtime application self-protection (RASP) can detect runtime threats such as an application running on a rooted or jailbroken device, an attempt at tampering with an app behavior through hooking, and more. It then triggers the application to react in a pre-programmed way (such as terminating a user session).

    • Real-time threat monitoring can detect attacks on downloaded applications as they happen, so you can stop them and shore up your security defenses for future releases.

    What our customers are saying

    Guardsquare has made it harder to break or modify our software. It also gives important information to our users if there’s a security issue. Our SDK has an API that allows developers to know if the application is jailbroken, a debugger is attached, integrity is tampered with, and more. Guardsquare does all of this without affecting the performance of the software.

    CA | Leading mobile payment SDK provider

    Payments is such a sensitive industry. Nobody wants to lose money, so security was a big priority for us. … Not only did we need to secure our SDK for compliance purposes, but we also wanted to offer the most secure product for our customers.

    Product Manager | Major mobile payment app/SDK company

    Guardsquare for mobile payment PIC compliance

    mobile app dev 1

    Guardsquare’s DexGuard and iXGuard solutions help financial services companies achieve PCI compliance for their mobile payment applications. Here’s how. 

    Guardsquare’s solutions fulfill specific PCI mobile app payment acceptance guidelines such as:

    • Obfuscation of critical code and resources used for unique identification, to prevent replication and misuse of that information.
    • Software and platform integrity testing to ensure a trusted/secure execution environment.
    • SSL pinning to protect communications on the backend from eavesdropping or interception.
    • And more.

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