January 2, 2019

    DexGuard 8.3 released

    Update: Learn more about the latest version of DexGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are proud to announce the release of DexGuard 8.3. The latest DexGuard release contains important new security features and usability improvements.

    The key additions are:

    • Code virtualization. Code virtualization transforms method implementations into instructions for randomly generated VMS. It complements techniques like class encryption and control flow obfuscation. Read more on code virtualization.
    • Gson optimization. Many Android developers rely on Google's GSON library to create JSON strings. DexGuard now optimizes the usage of the GSON library and improves its obfuscation. Learn more about Gson optimization

    Other additions and improvements:

    • Support for app bundles. DexGuard now supports app bundles. This new upload format enables Google to optimize downloads for individual end-users by only packaging the necessary resource files, languages, native libraries, etc.

    • Support for APK signature scheme v3. The latest iteration of the app signature format introduces APK key rotation to enable developers to change certificates when they release updates of their apps. DexGuard supports the new signature format and the corresponding certificate lineage. Read more about APK signature scheme v3.

    • Compatibility with Google Play metadata. Google Play automatically injects metadata into all uploaded apps. We have updated our tamper detection functionality to accommodate this.

    • Compatibility with Google Play App Signing. Google Play can manage app signing keys and use it to sign release APKs. Our tamper detection functionality is now compatible with this new signing method.

    • Support for Espresso. DexGuard now works with Android's Espresso testing framework.

    • Android Things samples. DexGuard works perfectly with Google's IOT solution. We have included some sample projects in the latest release as illustrations.


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