January 30, 2018

    DexGuard NDK add-on 2.0 released

    We are pleased to announce that version 2.0 of the DexGuard NDK add-on has been released. The NDK add-on extends the functionality of DexGuard. It enables you to harden native libraries (C/C++) while DexGuard protects the applications and libraries that contain them.

    DexGuard NDK 2.0 contains following improvements:

    • Control flow obfuscation. The DexGuard NDK add-on protects specified functions against human reverse engineering and automated analysis. Control flow obfuscation alters their structure without affecting their functionality.
    • Improved string encryption. Version 2.0 of the DexGuard NDK provides improved string encryption in addition to control flow obfuscation and arithmetic obfuscation.
    • Support for ndk-build and CMake. The DexGuard NDK add-on integrates transparently in the older ndk-build build system and in the more recent CMake build system.
    • Support for macOS and Linux. You can build your hardened native libraries with the extended Android NDK on MacOS and on Linux and target all common Android platforms (ARM 32/64, Intel 32/64, MIPS 32).

    DexGuard NDK 2.0 is easy to configure. You can specify the location and the level of protection using a simple YAML configuration file.


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