August 27, 2019

    iXGuard 3.2 released

     Update: Learn more about the latest version of iXGuard. Read more about it here.

    We are pleased to announce the latest release of iXGuard. iXGuard 3.2 introduces the following new features:

    Protection for JavaScript hybrid apps. iXGuard now protects Javascript code in hybrid applications:

    • Automatic detection, processing and obfuscation of JavaScript hybrid applications.
    • Powerful JavaScript code obfuscation features to complement the existing Objective-C and Swift techniques.
    • Extensive (but optional) configuration scheme similar to the existing options.
    • Out-of-the-box support for popular frameworks like React Native and Cordova and their respective native-JavaScript bridging techniques.

    Read more about how iXGuard hardens JavaScript code.

    In-App Assistant. iXGuard’s new In-App Assistant automatically generates required name obfuscation configuration for all executed code paths.

    Additional iXGuard 3.2 features and updates include:

    Improved code integrity checks. iXGuard’s additional code integrity features now provide:

    • Detection of additional runtime function hooking techniques, e.g.:
      - Runtime integrity verification of various function indirection tables.
      - Protection against function hooking tools based on interposing (e.g. Fishhook).
    • Optional callbacks to react specifically to unwanted third-party function interposing.
    • Automated discovery of app code vulnerable to interposing.
    • Verification injection policies specifically tailored to the detected usage.

    Improved usability. Improved name obfuscation debugging capabilities through both additional in-app UI elements and console application logs.

    Improved callbacks. In addition to allowing for the specification of different callbacks for various integrity features, iXGuard now provides callbacks that:

    • optionally take a context object containing additional information on the detected integrity breach, for example:
      - details on the type of application integrity issues detected,
      - information about which functions were hooked.
    • give the possibility to reuse a single callback for multiple integrity features.

    Platform Support. iXGuard now provides support for:

    • Xcode 11 beta 
    • Swift 5.1.


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