August 20, 2014

    ProGuard 5.0 released


    Happy to announce the release of ProGuard 5.0. This version finally adds support for Java 8. The dynamic invocations, closures, and defender methods introduced and applied in Java 7 and 8 had a pervasive effect on Java bytecode, so they required some closer attention.

    The release also contains a number of smaller features and bug fixes collected since the previous release. You may see that ProGuard prints out a few more notes if it comes across suspicious-looking configuration, trying to nudge developers in the right direction.

    You can find the release notes and download links on ProGuard's download page. The release is compatible with previous releases, so upgrading your build process can be as simple as replacing the ProGuard jar.

    You can also find the binary artifacts on Maven Central.

    Your feedback and bug reports are always welcome.


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