December 28, 2021

    A Look Back at Mobile App Security Best Tips and Insights

    The ramifications of having an unprotected mobile app go beyond impacting user experience. In fact, when you consider that mobile apps are distributed and run outside an organization’s network, there are significant risks for an attack, and this can have a devastating impact on an organization.

    Mobile apps are a lucrative target for threat actors, especially with mobile apps predicted to generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023.

    So how do you secure your mobile app (and your organization’s) reputation and bottom line? By testing the app early in the development process, applying multiple layers of protection, and consistently monitoring it once it is published so you have visibility into potential threats.

    Here are some of our top blogs from the past year that offer insight into how you can (and why you should) protect, test, and consistently monitor your app.

    How Mobile Application Security Testing Helps Protect Against the OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks

    The OWASP Mobile Top 10 formalizes the security requirements and best practices for developers to consider within the mobile app industry. In this blog, you’ll learn ways mobile application security testing can help developers defend against the OWASP Mobile Top 10 risks.

    How Mobile Application Security Impacts The Broader Security Posture of an Organization

    The risks of an unprotected mobile app are more far-reaching than most people realize. From the theft of intellectual property to the distribution of cloned or repackaged apps, the impact of an attack can be substantial. In this blog, you’ll learn how to prevent security incidents by protecting mobile apps earlier in the development cycle.

    3 iOS Security Stats That Might Surprise You

    Here’s a hard truth: iOS is not as secure as you think. In this blog, you’ll learn three of the most common misconceptions about iOS security and why mobile app developers should beware.

    Introducing AppSweep by Guardsquare: Mobile Application Security Testing Built for Developers

    ICYMI: Meet AppSweep, a free Android application security testing tool purpose-built for developers. We know threat actors are constantly looking for ways to exploit mobile apps; incorporating mobile app security testing early in the development cycle can reduce your time and cost to market, as well as ensure your app is as secure as possible. In this blog, you’ll learn more about what AppSweep can do for you to enhance the security of your mobile app.

    Guardsquare CEO Reflects on His 5 Year Anniversary: The Evolution of Mobile App Security

    We’ve said it before: The mobile app threat landscape is constantly evolving. In this blog, take a walk through the last five years of mobile app security to learn more about the global transition to mobile and how threat actors have refocused their efforts from DIY attacks to more sophisticated automated processes.

    Celebrating One Year of the Guardsquare Community

    Have you heard about the Guardsquare Community? We created this open environment to serve as a place where members can openly showcase their mobile security expertise, and visitors can benefit from the tips and tricks shared by ProGuard experts. Every conversation is focused around app protection and optimization. In this blog, take a look at what we’ve achieved in the past year, and what’s still to come.

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