June 21, 2020

    DexGuard 8.7 and NDK Add-on 4.0 Released

    Today Guardsquare released updates to DexGuard, our advanced solution for protecting Android applications, and to the DexGuard NDK add-on, which enables obfuscation of native libraries. This release introduces automatic injection of runtime application self-protection (RASP) checks, full integration with ThreatCast, our mobile app security console, as well as multiple enhancements to existing features.

    DexGuard 8.7 and DexGuard NDK add-on 4.0 include the following new features:

    Automatic injection of RASP checks

    DexGuard and DexGuard NDK add-on can now automatically inject RASP checks into the code of Android applications. Automatic injection of RASP checks increases the efficacy of runtime protection mechanisms and reduces implementation and maintenance time:

    • DexGuard and DexGuard NDK inject RASP checks throughout the code base while ensuring particularly sensitive code is protected. The checks are injected at different locations in every single build. The broad coverage and randomized injection result in a more resilient app.
    • Automated injection of RASP checks makes it easier for development teams to create and maintain secure application code, cutting down development cost and accelerating time to market.

    Read more about how automated RASP checks improve application protection >

    Full integration with ThreatCast

    DexGuard 8.7 integrates seamlessly with ThreatCast, our mobile app security console. ThreatCast collects and displays real-time information about the actual threats facing mobile applications. It provides development teams and security professionals with all the data needed to adapt to the constantly evolving mobile threat landscape and respond to emerging attack vectors.

    All DexGuard users can use ThreatCast to monitor one Android application with up to 500k downloads for free. Power users can extend their coverage to more applications and access premium features.

    Read more about how you can use ThreatCast to improve mobile application security >

    Improved security techniques and additional functionality

    Guardsquare continuously improves DexGuard’s functionality to ensure both maximum protection of Android applications and enhanced usability.

    The most notable additions to this release are:

    • Improved hook detection provided by DexGuard NDK add-on. The NDK add-on provides improved protection against attempts to modify the behavior of applications or libraries at runtime. 
    • Support for fat AAR libraries. DexGuard can now merge libraries and their internal and external dependencies into one protected AAR file. This enables SDK developers to provide everything their customers need as a single, secure package.


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