June 7, 2022

    ProGuard Turns 20: Celebrating Two Decades of Innovation in Java App Optimization

    It’s hard to believe, but ProGuard has been around for 20 years. What started as a small hobby project created by Eric Lafortune, the open source Java optimizer has become the trusted solution for optimizing Java applications, whether it’s desktop, server, or Android mobile.

    “Today, devices are orders of magnitude more powerful, yet they are never powerful enough, and new tiny devices continue to pop up. Optimization for size and performance is still surprisingly relevant.” - Eric Lafortune, Creator of ProGuard

    ProGuard has gained millions of fans over the years and, along the way, the Guardsquare Community was launched to collaborate with and support these users. Over the summer, the Guardsquare Community has various activities planned to celebrate ProGuard’s exciting milestone anniversary. We’ll have free swag giveaways, a series of challenges (with prizes!), and more. You can find out more details here.

    Want to learn more about how ProGuard has evolved over the past two decades? Check out our new video series about ProGuard here.

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