ProGuard manual

    Setup - Standalone

    To run ProGuard, just type:

    bin/ <options...>
    bin\proguard <options...>

    Typically, you'll put most options in a configuration file (say,, and just call:


    You can combine command line options and options from configuration files. For instance:

    bin/ -verbose
    bin\proguard -verbose

    You can add comments in a configuration file, starting with a # character and continuing until the end of the line.

    Extra whitespace between words and delimiters is ignored. File names with spaces or special characters should be quoted with single or double quotes.

    Options can be grouped arbitrarily in arguments on the command line and in lines in configuration files. This means that you can quote arbitrary sections of command line options, to avoid shell expansion of special characters, for instance.

    The order of the options is generally irrelevant. For quick experiments, you can abbreviate them to their first unique characters.

    All available options are described in the Configuration section.